build#253 - Fuel & Energy

After some playtesting, I've decided that using fuel for shooting is kinda way too punishing. Also shield was kinda strange thing -- using its own rechargable power source not connected to fuel. So now there are two 'resources' : fuel and energy.

Fuel-bar is your health-bar, as before. And fuel is still collected from defeated enemies and destructible stuff. But shooting and shield is now using energy -- a separate bar which is recharged over time.

You can also shoot even if there's not enough energy -- it's called 'overload' and will cost you some fuel (effectively killing you a bit). Desperate measures for desperate times :)

This build also adds some changes/tweaks to player movement:

  • you can slow-down / speed-up (fuel cost changed accordingly)
  • movement/controls tweaked to be more responsive


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Jan 27, 2018

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