A downloadable game for Windows

Danger Forever is third-person scroll shooter, kinda like Panzer Dragoon.

Your health-bar is your fuel-bar.  And everything cost fuel - your movement, bumping into things, getting hit by enemy fire.

So defeating enemies is just a matter of survival -- energy they had just might keep you alive a bit longer.


Gamepad (X360 wired controller or clone, DualShock4) -- LS to move, R1 to shoot,  

Keyboard -- WASD/arrows to move, Z or Ctrl to shoot.

Mouse is supported, but feel inferior at the moment.

Feedback is welcome (early access)  

Currently, game is in active development.  

So report any issues you have in the discussion board. I'll be glad to hear what you (don't) like about game to make it better.

Install instructions

Make sure Direct X 11 or greater is installed.
Download, unzip and run.


Danger Forever build#428 142 MB

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