A downloadable game for Windows

Risky Wings is intense flying game where you score points by flying risky.

The closer (and longer) you fly to the obstacles the more points you get.

Your movement costs energy, and bumping into things costs even more. Keep an eye on your energy-level, because out of energy means GAME OVER.

Levels are procedurally generated, so they're never exactly the same. Memorizing won't help (much), you need to learn to react to situation at hand and make best choice, really fast. A single mistake (probably) won't kill you, but two mistakes in the row will be fatal.

Chose how competitive or meditative your flight will be :

  • arcade — find all required rune-keys to unlock portal to the next world
  • challenge — play single world for highest score combo-chain (ranked on leaderboard)
  • dark flight (not available in demo) — survive to the end in (almost) complete darkness (ranked on leaderboard)
  • zone (not available in demo) — never-ending zone where only way to restore energy is to score points (ranked on leaderboard)
  • zen — no scoring, no damage, just flight of fun and relaxation

Score for every flight earns you some experience points, and each level-up gives one upgrade-point. Those upgrade-points can be spent for number of upgrades and unlockable moves (horizontal and vertical dodge, air-brakes etc).

Install instructions

Download, unzip, run.

If you're running Windows7, make sure KB2999226 is installed.


RiskyWings DEMO - build#521 256 MB

Development log


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So I think I ran into a bug at the very end of the video, energy orbs stopped spawning and I was mere meters from the exit when I ran out of power. But overall, the movement is pretty damn good, the flight is satisfying and the runes give a good goal for while you're flying. It was a little frustrating to get some rune spawns that weren't what I needed, but still pretty fun!


Missing orbs are not bugs, but (poorly communicated) feature -- energy orbs stops spawning after certain distance (when white meter on the left of HUD depletes).